As an industry leader in man-made stones, Preciosa provide cubic zirconia and a range of other gems that are exclusively cut from synthetic crystals of the highest quality but who are Preciosa and what do we know about this brand?

Let us take you through the history of the brand that has revolutionised man-made gemstones.


Hi-Pure Crystal Technology

Founded in 1948, originating in the Czech Republic, Preciosa was officially established as a crystal manufacturer. Just 8 years after establishment, Preciosa in 1956 then founded the institute of glass and jewelry which to date continues to remain one of the most respected research and development facilities in the glass industry.

Fast forward to 2011 and Preciosa introduced its Hi-Pure crystal technology which allows for an even more defined brightness as well as it’s Dura-Foiling process which allows for better adhesion and stronger durability. As a result of this groundbreaking technology, the Preciosa Cubic Zirconia stones are  considered the man-made answer to natural diamonds, brighter than diamonds, and suitable for a range of manufacturing work including lost wax casting and are resistant to acids and more.

Preciosa Fine Jewelry Stones

The Hi-Pure crystal technology also plays a part in the creation of gems including genuine marcasite, genuine spinel and nanogems that are more uniform in colour and are closer than anything in hardness, refractive index and luster to their natural counterparts.  

Lead-Free Crystals

Preciosa continue to be a leader and have pioneered for more environmentally friendly crystals. In 2013 Preciosa introduced lead-free crystal and a few years later in 2017 Preciosa than introduced the premium flatback Maxima capable of reflecting up to 264 unique rays of light making it the shiniest crystal in the world.

Pioneers in the crystal industry, Preciosa have taken man-made stones to unbelievable heights and continue to provide crystals and fine jewelry stones all over the world for use in fashion, jewellery making and more.

Using centuries of glass making traditions and innovation, Preciosa continue to create crystals and gemstones that are unmatched. Have you tried Preciosa Fine Jewelry Stones for your jewellery making?

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