Hi Cooksongold fans! We spoke to a Christmas lover recently, who makes jewellery that shows her love of the festive holiday with all the glitter and pizzazz. Karen Horn specialises in resin jewellery that is seasonal, fun and yet shows her creativity. We asked her a few questions about her jewellery making journey and about her love of Christmas.

Where did your love of jewellery making stem from?

From my grandmother. As a child I really admired her jewellery box and found all the trinkets and pretty pieces inspiring. I had always loved art too. At 17, I used to make myself jewellery like chokers but it wasn’t until 2019 that I got back into jewellery by discovering resin.

Describe your style in 3 words

Bright, cheerful and colourful. There’s also a 80’s and 90s vibe to it too.

Can you name a few top products in your workshop that you can’t live without?

My computer and face mask.

What materials do you prefer to use when crafting Christmas jewellery?

Resin and glitter. All the glitter.

Why do you love making Christmas jewellery?

I love the ideal that ‘more is more’ at Christmas time. You can do whatever you want with no limits.

What’s your favourite Christmas item to make?

Little snowy scenes.

Are there any special techniques you employ specifically for Christmas-themed pieces?

It’s more techniques I don’t use, as there isn’t enough time to experiment.

Do you experiment with any unique or unconventional materials for your Christmas designs?

I would like to use gold leaf but I really like using brass charms at the moment.

Which pieces from your Christmas collection tend to be the most popular among customers?

Christmas trees tend to be the most popular. This is why I normally start creating from March onwards.

Have you noticed any emerging trends in Christmas jewellery recently?

The sweet theme appears to be trending, as well as fruit, which are normally Summer pieces for me but I’ve had a few requests for these.

Do you create pieces that reflect both traditional and modern Christmas themes?

I like to keep to traditional colours, such as red, green and gold but I also like pink, white and blue at this time of year too.

What are some challenges you face when creating Christmas-themed jewellery?

I think that would be trying to create new designs or refreshing designs that do well. This is why I tend to ask what customers want on social media.

What aspects of designing Christmas jewellery do you find most rewarding?

I like how you can be creative with no limits.

Have you encountered any memorable stories or experiences related to your Christmas jewellery creations?

This lady at a market in Lincoln a few weeks ago came to my stall and had a look around. Then saw my Christmas jewellery and commented that “I had nailed it”. Which was very lovely to hear.

Are there any upcoming designs or ideas you’re excited about for future Christmas collections?

I would like to do some brooches, elves and sweets.

How do you keep your creativity flowing when designing new Christmas-themed pieces?

I like to watch Christmas movies, maybe a little Christmas music. Anything to get me into the Christmas mood really.

Do you envision expanding your Christmas jewellery line in new directions or with new concepts?

I normally work with resin but I would like to add jingle bells and pom poms.

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