Material Focus: Copper

Copper tones have been enjoying enormous popularity for some time now in fashion, accessories and interiors, but in the run up to Christmas how can it compete with the more traditional colour schemes of silver and gold?

The overwhelming draw of copper is its intense warmth, and with temperatures dropping below zero outside, warmth is what we are all craving – so it’s a great time to be adding copper elements to your home. Copper actually fits seamlessly into a Christmas theme, and looks particularly elegant when combined with gold. Mixed textures of copper also work beautifully together, and this idea is something which will easily transfer into jewellery for the party season.

Textured beads are perfect for re-creating this look, and can achieve a multitude of effects with minimum effort and at a relatively small cost. Below are just a couple of examples from the vast selection available at Cooksongold. The Goldstone beads are particularly effective as they have those tiny sparkles of gold, which contrast with the dark copper coloured background. Place alongside a lighter gold coloured bead to maximise the look.

Preciosa 6mm Czech Fire Polished Glass Beads Copper Clear Goldstone Beads, 8mm Round, 16"/40cm Strand

Preciosa 6mm Czech Fire Polished Glass Beads Copper Clear (61GLF128) and Goldstone Beads, 8mm Round, 16″/40cm Strand (67SPGS02)

Another way to bring copper into your home this season is with your table accessories. Again, not everything needs to be copper coloured, but touches here and there will give things a really modern and up to date twist on the norm.

Copper and Brass Patterned Wires

Patterned wire, although intended for rings and bangles, will make great napkin rings to decorate your Christmas table. It is beautifully soft and malleable making it easy to shape and solder, and the generous 3ft length means you have plenty of material to work with! Just remember to lacquer after polishing to prevent any unsightly tarnish from developing.

Copper blanks have many uses, and have been extremely popular products for enamelling and stamping purposes for some time now. They can also be utilized as tree decorations and garlands, by simply knotting on a length of sparkly thread or ribbon and suspending over a fireplace or wrapped around a tree. Either polish and lacquer and use as they are, or add some enamel or poignant wording using letter stamps to create a little more interest.

Oval Drop Copper Blank Small Stars Copper Blanks

Small Stars Copper Blanks (860 212A) and Oval Drop Copper Blank (860 218)

Here at Cooksongold our copper blanks are available as multiple or mixed shape packs, and we have a great selection to choose from to fit in with your chosen theme. Some of our most popular shapes are featured above.

So this year, as you get ready for Christmas Day don’t forget to add an extra touch of warmth with some copper accessories. By creating them yourself you will make your home truly individual and unique, which is something that bought decorations simply cannot do.

A range of copper beads, blanks, wire, sheet and more is available from Cooksongold meaning you can get creative with copper in a number of different ways. Discover out entire range today by visiting our website.

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