Looking to invest in some essential, new jewellery tools for your bench?

If you’re looking to replace your usual bench setup and would like to upgrade, the latest additions to the Knew Concepts tools range could be worth the investment. With clever upgrades to your workbench set up including magnetic bench clamps and sawing bench pegs for swift, precise cutting, you’ll be able to speed up your jewellery manufacturing process with accurate results.

Knew Concepts tools that will support your manufacturing process

Which Knew Concepts tools should you invest in?

Here’s a little more information about the Knew Concepts tools available at Cooksongold, and how they could help you perfect your jewellery making process.

Knew Concepts magnetic bench clamp

The magnetic bench clamp will fit snugly on your workbench and allow you to fit any tool along with a dovetail plate fastening. The bench clamp will fit snugly on workbenches that are both thin and thick, as it can be adjusted to adapt to your own bench setup. It will adapt and clamp to your workbench as long as it doesn’t drop below 19mm and doesn’t exceed 94mm – making the clamp particularly versatile. Whatever your setup, it’s simple to adjust the bench clamp to fit your bench. And the best thing about the Knew Concepts bench clamp – no screws in your workbench!

The clamp itself is made from sturdy and durable aluminium that you can rely on, no matter what pieces you’re creating. It’s easily tightened with a number of holes with which the clamp can be tightened and made secure. Due to the plate being made of hard anodised aluminium there is no risk of causing any filing damage, however it’s recommended that you do not use anything weighing over 10 pounds on the clamp.

Knew Concepts magnetic bench clamp

The main attraction of the magnetic bench clamp from the latest Knew Concepts tools range is simply the fact that it gives you the freedom to work where you please. Unlike a standard jeweller’s dovetail clamp that had to be screwed to the edge of your workbench, this clamp can easily be removed, taken to workshops, exhibitions – wherever you plan on taking your jewellery making! Its versatility makes it the ideal investment for the modern pro-jeweller.

Another benefit of the bench clamp is its high strength magnet. Used to hold drills, burrs and other tools, the magnet is built into the main body of the clamp and is 19mm wide to keep your hand tools steadfast. The latest addition of the magnetic bench clamp now features engraved rulers along with round guides that can be used to accurately set stones.

Knew Concepts sawing bench peg

The sawing bench peg from Knew Concepts helps you to saw accurately, with a reinvention of the bench peg that more closely resembles a cutting jig. The Knew Concepts stainless steel bench pin is formed of a metal plate with several guides built-in. These guides include a sawing slot in the centre of the plate, helping you to accurately saw through your sheet metal with ease, and in perfectly straight lines. The actual peg is made of stainless steel and is only 4.75mm thick, making it easy to manoeuvre your saw around your work. And unlike your standard wooden bench peg, this one is made to last.

Knew Concepts sawing bench peg

If a lot of your work requires cutting sheet metal at angles, the guide fence, included with the Knew Concepts sawing bench peg, makes it simple. The guide can be set at an angle in 15 degree increments making it easy to saw at the exact angle you require. A Delrin ring hook is also available with the sawing bench peg. This can be attached to the end of peg so that you can quickly cut rings. Simply set the ring hook on the left or right side of the bench peg for straightforward ring cutting and adjusting. It also features two pins, which can be used to support your work as you use a drill to create perfectly perpendicular holes for your pendants and charms.

Versatile and robust, the Knew Concepts sawing bench peg provides you with the means to speed up your sawing, cutting, and drilling work. A great all-round investment for the professional jeweller.

Knew Concepts dovetail accessory plate & tilting adapter

Dovetail accessory plate

Knew Concepts dovetail accessory plate

Working in unison with the magnetic bench clamp, the Knew Concepts dovetail accessory plate gives you the option to add more time-saving tools to your workbench. Featuring additional anchor points and magnets, it provides you with the opportunity to add a face shield, lights, or further metal tools that you want to keep close at hand.

Dovetail tilting adapter

Knew Concepts dovetail tilting adapter

With the Knew Concepts magnetic bench clamp you can also add the tilting dovetail adapter. This clever adapter allows you to tilt your work up to 45 degrees in either direction. Depending on the piece you’re working on you may find that being able to tilt the work will help you create a more comfortable position for filing, and more importantly, a more accurate angle for filing. It can also support the precision of your work when it comes to cutting sheet metal at an angle and make light work of cutting blanking dies.

How do you adjust the dovetail adapter? With a pre-set angle system, you can easily set the angle you require quickly and precisely. Each knob features a series of numbers which refer to the angle that the adapter will tilt to. Each knob is also marked ‘L’ and ‘R’ for left and right referring to which side of the adapter will tilt.

Simply loosen the screws in the dovetail, and place the knob screws through the star-shaped knob you would like to manoeuvre (left or right). Screw it into the hole and rotate the star-shaped knob until the angle you require sits comfortably in the provided notch. Once you’ve found the angle you require, tighten up the screws in the dovetail and you’re free to work away at a precise angle.

Knew Concept workbench kit

Knew Concepts workbench kit

With the innovative Knew Concepts magnetic bench clamp you’re now able to build a new workbench system that is completely adaptable to your needs. Not sure which adapters to invest in alongside the Knew Concepts bench clamp? Take a look at the Knew Concepts workbench kit. It includes the handy sawing bench peg, the dovetail accessory plate and the flex mounted face shield – a great starter pack for your new, versatile workbench system.

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