A Guide to PMC

For those not familiar with PMC or Precious Metal Clay, it is a clay based craft material made from tiny metal particles, an organic binding agent and water, which can be modelled and shaped just like normal clay. Once dried and fired it becomes a solid piece of sintered metal, which can then be drilled, sawn and worked just like any other piece of metal, and then ultimately … [Read more...]

Review: PMC Flex

by Jo Varney PMC Flex is a relatively new addition to the popular metal clay range produced by Mitsubishi and boasts some extremely useful qualities which will be to the benefit of most people working with the material. Most notably, PMC Flex has a much longer working time than the original formula making it ideal for more complex pieces but also the perfect medium for the … [Read more...]

How to Create a pendant using PMC

We gave our Cooksongold blogger a PMC Super Starter Kit to have a play with. Take a look at what she made and how she made it! Precious Metal Clay or PMC is a material made up of tiny particles of metal which is combined with water and a binding agent. The resulting clay can be manipulated using basic tools and then fired using a blowtorch or kiln. During this process the water … [Read more...]

How to: Painted Leaf

We really loved last night's episode of Kirstie's Handmade Britain especially her exploration of Silver Clay. This project allows you to make a similar painted leaf that featured on the programme so you can enjoy the rewarding experience of creating beautiful, delicate designs. You will need: Agate/metal burnisher or tumbler polisher Badger … [Read more...]

How to series: Moulding Compound

 This is a tutorial on how to use the moulding compound; at the end you will string as desired to obtain a finished piece of jewellery! Perfect to wear whilst you are on holiday this summer! You will need: Fossil Moulding Compound PMC Clay Hand Torch Stainless steel brush Agate burnisher or Tumbler STEP 1 Take equal parts of the Moulding Compound and work the 2 … [Read more...]

How to Series: PMC Stamp and Cut Pendant

STAMP AND CUT: An effective but simple project for Precious Metal Clay in association with PMC. Design this pendant in only 7 steps! You will need: Badger Balm Spacer Roller Set Texture mat Circle cutters Oval cutters PMC3 Clay Work mat Teflon sheet Sandpaper Butane Torch Stainless Steel Brush  Burnisher Antiquing solution (optional) Stringing material - Cord … [Read more...]

How to Series: Chunky Charm Bracelet by Jane Kharade

This is a guest project designed by Jane Kharade. Jane is a craft designer who designs beautifully coloured pieces with the aid of clay, crystals and silver.   You will need: Rubber Stamp Mat - Fleur De Lis 7 x Silver jump rings   7mm heavy 2 x Silver jump rings   5mm heavy Silver curb chain 7” Silver 14.5mm plain Ring and Bar PMC3 - 25gm Tools Scalpel 3 … [Read more...]

How to Series: Floral Earrings Project by Carol Merkl

This is a guest project designed by Carol Merkl. Carol runs the Coventry PMC Studio Accredited Training Centre where she offers a wide range of courses including PMC Certification. The article is part of our jewellery making projects collection and it is a step-by-step guide on how to make floral earrings using silver clay. What you need: PMC3 6.3g silver Rose and calyx … [Read more...]

Renew your workshop – New for 2011

It's 2011 – What's NEW? It's a new year, so to mark the start of 2011, we're bringing you many sensational new ranges, along with some of the best of our recently added products, New For 2011! What's in it for you? NEW PMC Accessories - We've got the PMC and now we've got a great new selection of PMC Accessories including Brass Plates, moulds, cutters and much … [Read more...]


The festive season is almost upon us and with less than a month to Christmas Cooksongold is running a FIVE DAY FESTIVE FREEPOST* event.  Freepost starts today and ends on Tuesday 30th at midnight!  Simply spend £50* or more and select 'freepost' in the delivery options menu. Why not stock up now for the busy Christmas Season, grab that unusual present or even treat yourself ! … [Read more...]