What’s New in Storage?

By Jo Varney Let’s face it; any well organised workshop needs good storage. We have all experienced (I’m sure) those frustrating situations when you can’t find your favourite pair of pliers or that carefully sourced stone, so take control of your work area and get prepared with some of our fabulous new storage solutions which are new this month. Magnetic Tool Holder 45cm … [Read more...]

12 Basic Metal Forming Tools That Every Beginner Jeweller Should Have

Metal Forming Tools For Beginners

Build out your workbench step by step… In the second installment of this beginners’ blog series, we help you identify the basic metal working tools you’ll need to make precious metal jewellery pieces with a professional finish. Hammers, pliers, punches and mandrels… The list of metal jewellery making tools is almost endless. As a beginner, you should invest in some … [Read more...]

Top 5: Metal Forming Tools

One of the most fundamental processes in jewellery making is metal forming, which is the manipulation of metal in its raw state to change it into a different shape using a variety of tools. In the long run, a number of different jewellery tools can be required for metal forming depending on your work, but it is possible to manage with a few basic items when starting out as a … [Read more...]

Top Tools for Beginners

I can remember (some time ago) being given a tool list when I first went to University, which filled me with bewilderment and a good degree of trepidation! Of course I can look back now with some amusement as experience has taught me about the type of tools which are essential to my work, but also more importantly which ones I prefer to use. The tools of your trade will become … [Read more...]

Review: Wubbers Medium Bail Making Pliers

by Jo Varney ‘Wubbers.....Funny name, serious tools’ Ok, I will admit that when I first came across the ‘Wubbers’ brand I did have to do a double take. Wubbers, really? It sounds like something my three year old would talk about! However once you get past the bizarre name, what you discover is range of jewellery pliers which have been specifically designed for ‘shaping, … [Read more...]

How to make a simple Double Gallery Setting

A 'How To' guide by guest blogger Lydia Niziblian. A lady came to me with an antique heart-shaped amethyst that had been cut by a relative who was an amateur faceter.  It was very unevenly cut, but of great sentimental value.  It needed a handmade setting, and I thought a double gallery setting would be perfect, as it would hold the deep stone, and make the most of its colour.  … [Read more...]

Valentines Necklace Project

This love inspired necklace uses our red and white glass bead kit beautifully.   By following our simple step-by-step instructions, you can create this simple, yet stunning necklace with red heart focal point this Valentine’s day. What you will need:   Flat Nose Pliers - 999 695 Red Bead Kit - 61GL MK28 Beading Needles – 967 010A   Step 1  Take your thread … [Read more...]

Equipment focus: Bending metals

Bending metal is one of the basic jewellery techniques which every jeweller comes across in the designing process. Mastering this technique is crucial in order to avoid damaging your piece’s surface.  Before setting to use this technique, acquaint yourself with the following tools: 1. Mallets If you are looking to bend your metal without marking it, make use of mallets – … [Read more...]

FREE POST – Easier than ever!!

It is that great period again: FREE POST is here!! Within the UK*, for any order over £50* which you place in the next 10 days you will benefit from our Free Post!! When we say it's easy, we mean you won't even need any codes or vouchers: just select "freepost" as the delivery  method at checkout and enjoy the experience!! In case this is not reason enough to order, we hope … [Read more...]

The NEW Cookson’s Technical Information Booklet: one stop guide to jewellery making!

THE JEWELLERY GUIDE We've just launched the 32-page Jewellery Guide for those of you who are going back to work, starting work or just looking for new pieces to buy for your workshop!!  It contains the essential products to every jewellery maker's workshop: machinery, clay, starter kits, books, chains and bullion are amongst the many products you will find in this useful … [Read more...]