Review: Compendium of Beading Techniques

By Jo Varney “Just like having an expert on call 24 hours a day – here are the answers to any beading questions or dilemmas you might have.” Beading and all the phraseology that goes along with it can be a confusing subject, particularly for a beginner. So, when a book comes along which claims to contain encyclopaedic knowledge of the topic as well as trade secrets and … [Read more...]

Review: Hot Connections Jewellery

By Jo Varney Hot Connections Jewellery is a large paperback book focusing on the subject of soldering techniques. It is marketed as a guide that will ‘take your jewellery making skills to the next level’, and it is written by Jennifer Chin who is a teacher and metalsmith working in Boston in the USA. This is her first book. Comprising of 160 pages spread across six … [Read more...]

Review: Resin Jewellery

By Jo Varney The first thing that strikes me about the book Resin Jewellery is the colour and enthusiasm which radiates from each page. The second is the project based format, which is organised by date and works through the different eras of style one by one. This in itself is a different approach which is both accessible and fun. So, if like me you adore the colours and … [Read more...]

Review: Silversmithing for Jewellery Makers

by Jo Varney Silversmithing for Jewellery Makers by Elizabeth Bone is a comprehensive guide to all aspects of silversmithing, suitable for the jeweller rather than the metal smith (sounds self explanatory, but it needs to be clarified). Other similar texts tend to adopt a generalised approach for those creating decorative objects rather than pieces to wear, but not this book … [Read more...]

Review: The Art of Soldering for Jewellery Makers: Techniques and Projects

by Jo Varney The Art of Soldering for Jewellery Makers: Techniques and Projects by Wing Mun Devenney I am sure I’m not alone in having my fair share of soldering disasters over the years so I was really pleased to be sent a book about the subject to review! The Art of Soldering for Jewellery Makers is a lovely modern book published only two years ago, so it is bang up to … [Read more...]

Book Review: ‘Photograph your own Art and Craft’ by Sussie Ahlburg

By Joanna Varney Photographing jewellery is notoriously difficult and in the past I have resorted to paying a professional to get some decent shots of my work. So when I was asked to review ‘Photograph your Own Art and Craft’ I was quite excited at the prospect of gleaning as many tips as possible for future reference and use.   I think we have all become so used to … [Read more...]

Review: The Jewellers Bench Reference

by Jo Varney "An essential purchase for anyone looking to improve and perfect their working techniques." I have found this book to be quite surprising in a number of ways. When it arrived in the post I was a little taken aback as to how small it actually was.  I removed the layers of outer packaging to reveal a tiny little ring bound text with stiff plastic covers which … [Read more...]

Review: The Complete Metalsmith

This book has been reviewed by Joanna Varney.  She holds a BA (Hons) in Jewellery and Silversmithing and is part of the Cooksongold team. (This book is available as either a student or professional edition. This review is based on the student edition.) Described as a ‘handbook’ this text is an excellent workshop companion to all those currently studying or embarking … [Read more...]

World Book Day at Cooksongold!

A read for today! In the UK and Ireland World Book Day takes place on the 3rd of March. This particular date originated over 90 years ago in Catalonia, where roses and books were given as gifts to loved ones on St. George’s Day. World Book Day is a day of personal enrichment which encourages people of all ages to explore the pleasures of reading! In over 100 countries around … [Read more...]