Designer of the Month: Alison Baird

One of Alison Baird’s favourite materials to work with is yellow gold, and she often incorporates it into her classic yet stunning jewellery designs. Read the following Designer of the Month interview to learn more about her time in the jewellery making industry, and the technique she plans to add to her skills set next… Let us know a bit about yourself, detailing your … [Read more...]

Review: Sterling Silver Sliding Clasps

By Lorraine Sanderson Sliding clasps in precious metal have long been the elusive component for jewellery makers. They are seen on many designs in both the media and jewellery shops, ranging from the simple friendship/stacker bracelet to high end designer brands. However, to find the clasps to purchase individually has been like trying to find gold at the end of a rainbow. … [Read more...]

The Eternity Ring

Looking for more information about eternity rings? Would you like to know more about the meaning of eternity rings and why they are given as gifts? Discover more about eternity rings with our guide below, from what finger it traditionally goes on, to the difference between half and full eternity rings. What is an eternity ring? An eternity ring is also sometimes known as an … [Read more...]

Jewellery for the Summer Months

You could be forgiven for assuming that jewellery for the summer months in this country should come with a waterproof coating and some sort of optional windbreak attachment. But no, we Brits are a resilient lot and if the calendar tells us it is summer, we will don our summer wardrobe regardless of the elements outside. So for those of you determined to embrace ‘summer’ … [Read more...]

Top 5: Bullion

If you had to take a guess as to the most popular bullion products that we sell here at Cooksongold, what do you think they would be? Whether wire, sheet or tube, I’m sure you all have favourites of your own, but there are a few products that (despite our ever growing range) remain our top sellers come rain or shine. Take a look at our bestselling bullion favourites listed … [Read more...]

Semi Set Mounts and Cast Band Rings

9ct White Semi Set Diamond Ring Mount Here at Cooksongold we are always on the lookout for new and interesting products which will not only enhance the range for your customers but also, where possible, that will make your life easier. Items which require less labour to bring them to fruition are always a bonus, as they mean a much faster turnaround which is crucial when … [Read more...]

A Solid Gold Alternative

Applying an outer layer of gold to a less valuable metal base is nothing new. But the process of gold filling is a much more recent development and, as you'll see, it's a great alternative to overlaying or coating. When you've experienced gold filled jewellery, chances are you really will start to see gold plating as a little... should we say... 1980s... somewhat, well, passé … [Read more...]

Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

With this year’s Father’s Day just around the corner, it’s certainly time to think about what to give your loved one if you haven’t already. At Cooksongold we stock a fantastic range of finished jewellery that would make ideal gifts, such as finished cufflinks and pendants, but we know that many of you will be creating your own designs this Father’s Day. …and if you are … [Read more...]

A Guide to Stone Set Findings

I have spent some time researching jewellery products and designs in the hope of discovering a new and exciting style and came across stone set findings! Cooksongold have an exciting new launch of products that is ideal for the jewellery maker. These handy Sterling Silver findings also known as stone set connectors are a fresh idea becoming ever more popular. Jewellery makers … [Read more...]

Celtic Jewellery: A Look at the Historic Meaning

How Classic Celtic Design Evolved Into Celtic Jewellery Designs The exact origins of Celtic design are somewhat impossible to determine, and are subject to wide and varied speculation. There are however certain facts that can be used to contextualise the characteristics and give them some bearing on what we understand to be ‘Celtic’ in style today. The History of … [Read more...]