Gemstone Focus: Moissanite

Moissanite is something of a new phenomenon in the jewellery world, having been created and perfected by Charles and Colvard in the early 1990s. It is in fact a lab created version of a natural gem, which was discovered in 1893 by Henri Moissan who would go on to be a Nobel Prize winning scientist. Moissanite available from Cooksongold  The basis of Moissanite is silicon … [Read more...]

The Brilliant Cut

The modern day ‘brilliant cut’ is by far the most popular type of cut used for diamonds today, in fact it is rumoured that 9 out of every 10 stones cut is a brilliant cut, which is quite some statistic! The brilliant cut is produced in such a way as to ensure that the maximum amount of light can be reflected through the front of a gem, which is particularly effective in … [Read more...]

Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day 2017

Nobody could say that we are not romantic here at Cooksongold, and we have ensured that our ranges reflect this with some great ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts this month. We have some fabulous finished jewellery and packaging for those looking for a gift ready to give; but also many projects and love inspired findings for those with a little more time to spare – and some of … [Read more...]

Gemstone Focus: Hematite

Hematite is an opaque stone which has a wonderful dark metallic lustre, similar in many respects to iron pyrite. They both have an iron based composition which can be differentiated by the presence of oxides in the case of hematite, and sulphides in pyrite, or fool’s gold as it is sometimes known. Both can be easily mistaken for precious metals because of their unusual metallic … [Read more...]

Review: Mounting and Setting Stones

By Jo Varney Mounting and Setting Stones is one in a series of illustrative design manuals which come under the banner of ‘design and make’. Other topics in the range include ‘Mixed Media Jewellery’, ‘Jewellery Using Textile Techniques’ and ‘Paper Jewellery’ amongst others, and provide well regarded, comprehensive teaching in each area backed up with clear diagrams and … [Read more...]

What’s New at Cooksongold for 2017

It’s always nice to start a New Year with some new additions to your toolkit. Perhaps you have some Christmas money still to spend or you experienced bumper sales of your own this year – whatever the reason, let us inspire you with some of the numerous new and exciting products we’ve added to our range recently. ImpressArt is a brand which has really grown in momentum over … [Read more...]

Gemstone Focus: Jet

In terms of mineral classification, Jet is what we call an ‘organic’ as it is derived from something which was once living. Jet is formed over millions of years from wood which has been immersed in water, and subsequently become fossilized as it has compacted. It is black or dark brown in appearance, and is perhaps most associated with the mourning jewellery of the 19th Century … [Read more...]

Designer of the Month: Laura Grey

Self-taught jewellery maker Laura Grey is a big fan of using nature, gemstones and textures in her designs. She spoke to us in the following Designer of the Month interview about where she gets the inspiration for her pieces and what she has learnt from her time in the industry… Let us know a bit about yourself, detailing your background, study and training in the jewellery … [Read more...]

Gemstone Focus: Lapis Lazuli

Unlike most stones, the beautiful rich blue tones of Lapis Lazuli are created from a number of different minerals combined rather than just one. Lapis (to use it’s shortened name) usually comprises of either pyrite, lazurite, sodalite, calcite and hauyne in varying amounts, and the exact composition of each specemin determines how rich the overall colour is. For example, … [Read more...]

Gemstone Focus: Agate

Agate is very similar in its composition to Quartz (Silicon Dioxide), but can be identified from its distinctive curved banding which occurs in a variety of different ways. One of the most common and recognisable effects is the concentric banding, which is similar in appearance to the inside of a tree trunk when sliced through. Due to its porosity, Agate is often dyed to … [Read more...]