Easter Gift Inspiration

Easter is fast approaching, and regardless of faith we all like to celebrate the occasion in our own special way. Here are a few products and gift ideas to make your celebrations extra special this year. FIMO Kids Polymer Clay Blocks in Glitter and Plain Colours Cue the fanfare of trumpets...FIMO Kids is here! I have waited a long time for this product to be … [Read more...]

How to Mix Polymer Clay Colours

FIMO Professional clay can be used to make all kinds of unique jewellery creations. To help you craft them just as you imagined, we want to show you how you can mix virtually any colour you desire. Using the FIMO colour wheel, you can create 176 colours from just five primary colour clays. Here’s how to mix polymer clay colours so that you can create clay jewellery pieces with … [Read more...]

Fabulous and Under a Fiver

Christmas is rapidly approaching so I’m here to help you find those interesting stocking fillers which won’t break the bank. Here is my annual round up of my favourite fabulous things this year: Beadalon Medium Storage Stack (999 098P) I have raved about these stacking storage containers before and I shall continue to enthuse about them as I just think they are so … [Read more...]

Cooksongold Blog: Fimo Christmas Decorations Part 2

There are really no rules when it comes to decorating these Fimo shapes. My children are aged 3 and 4.5 so I did assist a little when it came to applying the glue and glitter. We used glitter glue which comes in small tubes as well as normal PVA which we applied with small paintbrushes. We also used sequins, pompoms and glitter but you can really use anything you have around … [Read more...]

Cooksongold Blog: Fimo Christmas Decorations Part 1

Fimo Christmas Decorations: Festive fun for the Kids!! If you have an afternoon to spare this festive season, this is a simple and inexpensive project which will entertain the kids and produce some unique decorations for your tree! You will need: Packs of Fimo (I used 5  x‘Effects’ colours: glitter white, glitter red, glitter purple, metallic green and glitter … [Read more...]

How to make a FIMO Christmas Decoration

  You will need: Assorted FIMO colours (I used ‘Effects’ Glitter Red, White and Silver, basic ‘soft’ Mid Brown and an ‘Effects’ Dark Green Some thin card Scalpel, scissors and superglue Cling film Greaseproof paper and baking tray Biro and pencil Thin ribbon A bell or charm   1.    Begin by making a template for your chosen word. I chose Noel as its short, … [Read more...]

How To Make a FIMO Flower Ring

Our blogger, Jo talks you through how to make a stunning FIMO flower ring using our new jewellery blanks. Fimo is something I used to play with when I was a child, so I was really looking forward to doing this project.  I decided to take inspiration from this season’s huge floral trend and used flowers as my theme. After a few attempts using different techniques, I settled on … [Read more...]

How to use your FIMO Bead Roller

  It’s never been so easy to make same-sized, perfectly shaped beads using your FIMO Bead Roller! All you need to do to get consistent, uniform FIMO beads is to slide the base and top of the bead roller back and forth. The measuring ring helps you to measure out the quantity required for one bead. For making 3 different bead shapes: This is how it’s done:  1. Using the … [Read more...]

Union Jack FIMO Project

      You will need: FIMO Effect White Glitter FIMO Effect Red Glitter FIMO Effect Blue Glitter Blade Set  Acrylic Rollers Ruler Cocktail stick or large needle Jump Rings Clasps Chain Small Pliers Baking Tray Step 1   Knead 4 portions of blue FIMO to soften and roll 5mm deep. Cut a rectangle 3.5cm x 5cm. Roll 2 portions of white FIMO until 2mm … [Read more...]


The festive season is almost upon us and with less than a month to Christmas Cooksongold is running a FIVE DAY FESTIVE FREEPOST* event.  Freepost starts today and ends on Tuesday 30th at midnight!  Simply spend £50* or more and select 'freepost' in the delivery options menu. Why not stock up now for the busy Christmas Season, grab that unusual present or even treat yourself ! … [Read more...]