How To Use A Pulse Arc Welder

how-to-use-a-pulse-arc-welderTechnology continues to make jewellery manufacturing processes quicker, with home studios now better able than ever before to produce larger volumes of precious metal designs. The key is investment in the right pieces of kit. Revolutionising the way that we create metal designs, the pulse arc welder is the tool that is helping jewellers spend less time soldering and more time transforming the way that they produce their designs.

Here’s how the pulse arc welder could speed up precious metal jewellery manufacturing, so that you can free up more time to dedicate to creative design ideas.

What is an arc welder?

If you’re not familiar with pulse arc welders, they are welding machines that feature a sharpened electrode tip that is gently placed on the seam that requires soldering. When the tip is placed on the metal you’re working with it will produce an electric pulse of argon gas that joins the metal seam securely.

What is pulse arc welding used for?

Pulse arc welding can be used for a number of jewellery making processes such as:

  • Seam welding
  • Ring resizing
  • Prong setting repairs
  • Creating bezels
  • Fixing jump rings and chains
  • Filling porosity
  • Adding earring posts

How to use an arc welder with intricate jewellery pieces

Before working with any pulse arc welding machinery, you should always read the instructions provided, ensuring that you follow all setup procedures and safety guidelines. Once you’ve managed to set up your machine correctly and have attached the electrode, you’ll be ready to practise your jewellery welding technique.

  1. To trigger the welder, all you have to do is gently touch the area you would like to weld with the tip of the electrode. Only light pressure is required to trigger the welder and create a clean seam.
  2. The pulse arc welder will turn on the supply of argon gas.
  3. The electrode will automatically retract, sending a short burst of electrical energy to the area you touched with the tip of the electrode – this burst of energy forms the plasma arc.
  4. The weld is only made as the electrode retracts from the surface of the metal, so it’s important to remember that only a small amount of pressure is required. If too much pressure is used, this could damage your electrode.

What are the advantages of using a pulse arc welder for jewellery making?

The main benefit of welding jewellery by micro welding is the sheer speed at which repairs can be made and seams can be joined. There’s no need to worry about matching up solder strip to the metal you’re working with, nor is there any need to remove stones from the piece you’re working on as you weld. Working on a micro scale means that you have absolute control over your work, helping you to produce high quality pieces at speed.

Now that the technology has caught up to demand, it’s much easier to get to grips with micro welding machines and improve your jewellery making processes. Even as a small independent jeweller, arc welders have come down in price considerably, and will be an excellent investment for your business. Granted, the layout for a pulse arc welder will still have to be a considered one, but if you primarily work with precious metals where soldering usually takes up the majority of the manufacturing time, buying a pulse arc welder is a smart investment to make.

Orion jewellery welders

Looking to invest in a pulse arc welder? Orion welders have been developed with leading pulse arc technology to make manufacturing and repairing your jewellery pieces quicker and easier. Models such as the Orion mPulse 30 welder and Orion 100c pulse welder are compact enough to suit busy workbenches, while the 200i2 pulse welder features a quick start mode for even quicker welding. The range of pulse welding machines available from Orion enables you to find the right one to suit your workbench and routine.

At Cooksongold, we aim to bring the best in jewellery making technology, which is why we now stock the high quality Orion jewellery welders. Take a look at our Orion welders range and remember to stock up on all your essential jewellery tools before you leave.

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