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Beginners Guide: How To Solder A Silver Ring

Need some advice on soldering for beginners? Or are you looking to refine your basic soldering techniques? Simple, flat silver rings are a good place to start to get your silver soldering techniques up to scratch. Once you have mastered the art of accurately preparing for the soldering process and carefully … Continue Reading

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Designer of the Month: Jim Miller

Goldsmith Jim Miller is a master of the piercing saw, with each of his designs being their own unique work of art. He talked more about his work to us in the following interview, the first of Cooksongold’s brand new … Continue Reading


Gemstone Focus: Amber

Natural Amber, Round Cabochon (61AB BPMA) Amber is probably one of the most easily recognisable ‘gemstones’ in existence – and I use the term ‘gemstone’ very loosely, because Amber is in fact not a stone at all but … Continue Reading

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Jewellery Making Storage Ideas

Good, functional storage is so essential for anyone working with numerous small components regardless of your profession. So when you consider the value of many of the items us jewellers and crafts people use on a … Continue Reading

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A Guide to Stone Set Findings

I have spent some time researching jewellery products and designs in the hope of discovering a new and exciting style and came across stone set findings! Cooksongold have an exciting new launch of products that is … Continue Reading