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green tourmaline ring

Designer of the Month: Catherine Marche

The most loved tool in the workspace of jewellery designer Catherine is her mandrel for shaping and hammering rings, which she creates alongside a number of other pieces using inspiration from a variety of sources. To learn more about her work and design style, take a look at the following Designer of the … Continue Reading

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silver bead on plaited leather bead carrier

How to Make a Simple Silver Bead

Beads can be made in a multitude of ways, and needn’t be as complex as you might imagine. Perfect for casual summer styles, a personalised bead makes a lovely gift particularly when so many of us now have some sort … Continue Reading

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Moss Agate Oval Cabochon Stone

What is a Cabochon Cut Gemstone?

For anyone not familiar with the term cabochon cut or en cabochon, it refers to a stone which has a smooth, polished convex top and a flat base. It is a simple cut used to display optical effects and colours of … Continue Reading