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Designer of the Month: Hilary Minor

Hilary Minor may be a new jewellery maker, but she has experience in using a variety of materials and techniques to make her contemporary and statement designs. Discover more about her work in the following Designer of the Month interview, as well as what she has learnt from her time in the industry and … Continue Reading

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Top 5: Metal Forming Tools

One of the most fundamental processes in jewellery making is metal forming, which is the manipulation of metal in its raw state to change it into a different shape using a variety of tools. In the long run, a number … Continue Reading

Top 5: Jewellery Soldering Tools

Soldering, the process of permanently joining two metal components together, is a popular jewellery making technique used by jewellers of all skill levels. It is achieved via the application of heat, normally with a … Continue Reading

The Great British Craft Fair

The advantages of online selling are numerous, which is why it is one of the fastest growing retail sectors of the moment. However, the great tradition that is the British craft fair still remains a very viable way … Continue Reading