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How Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter Has Evolved

The rich history of the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter still runs through the streets of Hockley today. As an area renowned for its jewellery manufacturing and trade, what better way to pay it tribute than with a look back at where it all began, and how it has evolved over time to become the ‘workshop of the … Continue Reading

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Halloween Making Inspiration

If you are looking for some Halloween accessories to brighten up any party outfit then look no further, Cooksongold has everything you need to create your own quality items which will still be looking pristine long … Continue Reading

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What is The Black Spinel Gemstone

Ever spotted a black gemstone and thought ‘that would be the ideal look for my latest collection of rings’? We’ve got just the thing for your latest designs. Black gemstones have made a resurgence in popularity, … Continue Reading

Argentium logo, Featuring the Winged Unicorn

Material Focus: Argentium

Argentium is one of a new generation of silver alloys. It was developed specifically to combat the tarnish that occurs as silver oxidises when it comes into contact with air, which is a major drawback for all who … Continue Reading