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Review: Beadalon Artistic Wire Findings Forms

by Lorraine Sanderson Beadalon is a brand synonymous with quality within the jewellery making community, and their Artistic Wire Findings Forming Jig is a must have, in my opinion, in order to achieve symmetry and consistency in your jewellery. Each jig has a full set of written and pictorial instructions … Continue Reading

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The Eternity Ring

The origins of the Eternity Ring can be traced back as far as Egyptian times. This circular form of adornment, with its unbroken line of stones is the ultimate symbol of eternal love, and is given to mark important … Continue Reading


Gemstone Focus: Jade

What we commonly refer to as Jade is in actual fact two slightly different minerals, known as Jadeite and Nephrite. Both have been used for centuries to produce decorative carvings which are particularly prevalent … Continue Reading

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The Great British Craft Fair

The advantages of online selling are numerous, which is why it is one of the fastest growing retail sectors of the moment. However, the great tradition that is the British craft fair still remains a very viable way … Continue Reading


Review: Handmade to Sell

by Jo Varney Handmade to Sell is a guide to running a craft business written by the directors of an organisation called Hello Craft, which is based in the United States. Hello Craft is a non profit making trade … Continue Reading

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Christening Gift Inspiration

When Princess Charlotte (daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge) was christened last year, much ado was made of the gifts that some of the world’s richest and most influential well wishers would deem fitting … Continue Reading