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Designer of the Month: Elizabeth Anne Norris

Originally an Environmental Scientist, jewellery designer Elizabeth Anne Norris uses her previous career as an influence on her pieces and the materials she uses, making designs from 100% recycled metal such as Ecosilver when possible. Take a look at the following interview to learn more about her work and … Continue Reading

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polymer clay

How To Seal Polymer Clay

New to polymer clay? You may be wondering about putting the finishing touches to your polymer clay creations. Do you need to seal it once it’s been baked? What do you use to glaze polymer clay? Should you use … Continue Reading

Fretz Goldsmiths Hammer

Professional Tools Focus: Fretz

Fretz Design is an American company started in 1970, as a jewellery venture, by husband and wife team Marian and Bill Fretz. Both were originally involved in different areas of the industry, and combined their … Continue Reading

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