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Top Tools for Beginners

I can remember (some time ago) being given a tool list when I first went to University, which filled me with bewilderment and a good degree of trepidation! Of course I can look back now with some amusement as experience has taught me about the type of tools which are essential to my work, but also more … Continue Reading

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Autumn/Winter Trends 2015: 70s

  Gucci Designers this Autumn/Winter have been embracing the 70s in all its glory. But whilst the clothes are unmistakably dramatic in appearance, the jewellery is actually much more subtle than you might … Continue Reading


Gemstone Focus: Topaz

Topaz, in its natural form is colourless; however the shade we associate with November is the yellow/orange variety which is sometimes known as ‘sherry topaz’ or ‘precious topaz’. It is one of the most valuable … Continue Reading

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A Guide to Stone Set Findings

I have spent some time researching jewellery products and designs in the hope of discovering a new and exciting style and came across stone set findings! Cooksongold have an exciting new launch of products that is … Continue Reading

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Focus on Enamelling

Enamel is essentially powdered glass which is fused to metal using extreme heat to create decoration. It has been used in varying forms for thousands of years to embellish jewellery and decorative objects and some … Continue Reading