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Wubbers Medium Bail Making Pliers Review

‘Wubbers.....Funny name, serious tools’ Ok, I will admit that when I first came across the ‘Wubbers’ brand I did have to do a double take. Wubbers, really? It sounds like something my three year old would talk about! However once you get past the bizarre name, what you discover is range of jewellery pliers … Continue Reading

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Focus on Beads – Part 2

We are continuing our Focus on Beads article from last week, with our second and final part of the series. Whilst it is fascinating to track the history of European glass beads, they still remain very current … Continue Reading


Focus on Beads – Part 1

Seed Beads There are mesmerising arrays of beads available on the market today made from a wide range of materials including everything from wool to wood. Some of the most beautiful however are made from glass and … Continue Reading

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A Guide to Stone Set Findings

I have spent some time researching jewellery products and designs in the hope of discovering a new and exciting style and came across stone set findings! Cooksongold have an exciting new launch of products that is … Continue Reading

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Focus on Enamelling

Enamel is essentially powdered glass which is fused to metal using extreme heat to create decoration. It has been used in varying forms for thousands of years to embellish jewellery and decorative objects and some … Continue Reading