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Thread: 4 day freepost extravaganza

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    Default 4 day freepost extravaganza

    We're starting July with a fantastic FOUR DAY FREEPOST event at All UK orders over 50!* will be sent FREEPOST - helping you save you 's! Freepost starts today (Thursday 1st) and ends Midnight on Sunday 4th July - so don't delay order today!

    Don't forget freepost is now even easier, simply spend 50 or more and select 'freepost' in the delivery options menu - it's as easy as that!

    Why not take full advantage of this weekends freepost and check out our NEW range of Dremel Tools. We're stocking a full range including the bestselling lightweight Dremel Rotary Drill Kit for JUST 44.99. Or why not upgrade your current hand torch to Dremel's Versaflame, the most versatile burner in the market today priced at ONLY 35.99.

    If your order doesn't quite reach 50, here are a few more suggestions which might just tempt you...

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    FREEPOST ends Midnight tonight!
    Don't forget you can get FREEPOST all our our tools - small or large.
    Including Hazardous items, Rolling Mills, Ultrasonics, Benches and Doming Blocks & Sets !

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