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Thread: Snake chain ends?

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    Question Snake chain ends?

    I have a question regarding Cookson 3mm snake chain. I have purchased a length of loose 3mm snake chain and the ends to finish, what would you use to fix the ends on securely?
    I have made several for myself and have glued the ends on with extreme glue which are fine but I made one for a friend who wears hers all the time (except for when washing up and bath!) and she put Pandora style beads on so is quite heavy! and hers the ends keep coming off!
    I wasn't sure about solder for loosing flexibilty of the chain.
    Any ideas??
    Thanks in advance
    Lisa x

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    Hello Lisa, I just made a spectacle chain for a client, I used 1mm loose snake chain with the appropriate ends and soldered them very carefully with the minimum of solder just until the end cap was "grabbed", as I was doing it I saw the end cap almost jump a little and knew it was done. As you can see from the photo I did 6 end caps and there is negligible loss of flexibility of the chain at the join.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Ok thank you, that is a lovely spectacle chain by the way! I was just concerned over the weight of the beads she has on it and as the ends obviously are where the clasp is and get most use.
    Will try solder and see how I get on
    Thanks again

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    Default Snake Ends.

    Dear Lisa
    If you go the soldering route, then easy solder paste, or easy pallions with easy flux will require the least heat. However I always worry that lack of flexibility might eventually cause a fracture, so I am a glue person.

    Two part epoxy, such as Devcon, or Araldite which are very strong, do the trick for me. I apply a little with the end of a saw blade and make two light crimps before the glue sets. Here are my cheap adapted pliers, which I use for extra security. A light squeeze will make a small dimple inside the tube. For thong I drill a tiny hole first and this will make a more jagged retention when crimped.

    Dear Quant, Your spectacle chain is beautiful and your multiple ends are much more attractive soldered and not crimped.

    Kind regards, Dennis.
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    Great ideas as usual Dennis. Cheers!

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    I use a dab of cool paste on the chain when soldering on the ends, and I also hold a piece of mica at the end piece for additional security.
    Poor old Les


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