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18 Oct 2013 - by Chris

Of course it's good, it's made in Britain!

I didn't buy my Durston DapDome set from Cookson because to be honest I didn't think to look here first... oops! However I'll review it anyway. Quite simply, you get what you pay for & that definitely applies to this wonderful last-for-a-lifetime set. Like a previous review, I bought cheap first time around & ended up with an Indian made set that was so badly made it was actually laughable. I decided to splash out on the Durston & was immediately impressed when I unpacked it. The surface finish, especially on the doming block is remarkable my wife calls it the Borg cube, it 's literally mirror polished in every cup... just don't drop it on your toes! The tooling is perfection & has given beautiful results on every piece I've made so far... minimal effort to produce consistent results & minimal finishing required due to the exceptionally high polish of the domes. Buy this set, & you have everything covered. Highly recommended! I'm after the disc cutter set next & WILL be getting it through Cookies. D

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26 Jan 2012 - by Jill S.

Great Product

Having seen the other review I was a little hesitant however when it arrived and I started using it I was pleasantly surprised. I was pleased with the results and my tutor was impressed with the designs I created using the punches. It has a good range of diameters too

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2 Sep 2011 - by Joe S.

Poor Finish

The one I received is really quite poor. The finish on the punches is mostly fair, but the larger punches have profound seams around the equators. The dapping block is especially poor with almost all of the holes showing visible marks and coarse machining and many of them barely polished at all. Not good value.

Cooksongold replies: We are sorry to hear that you have had a bad experience with the Durston Doming Set. We really appreciate customer feedback and your opinion is valuable to us. Therefore, since reading your comments, we have contacted our supplier reiterating the problems you have observed in order for them to review the product as the quality of products are of upmost importance to us and our suppliers. Durston is one of our most highly regarded brands that we stock and it is unusual that we experience many issues with quality therefore believe this to be an anomaly which both ourselves and Durston would be happy to rectify. However, they have ensured us that will not happen again due to their improved Quality Control and Assurance checks.

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15 Jul 2011 - by Figgypud

Impressive tool

I am not a professional silversmith, but recently purchased this doming set to use at home. It is an impressive piece of kit, beautifully engineered and a great tool for shaping metal to high standards of quality and finish. The standcarrying tray keeps it all together and if you are feeling very strong makes it easy to move about. Fantastic quality, worth paying the extra money for - Im sure that, treated properly, it will last for several lifetimes.

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