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16 Aug 2014 - by David W.

Beutifull Colours - Tough finish

The anodised finish allows the shimmer of the metal to shine through the colour, so it really does have a stunning metallic sheen, difficult to show on a photo. The material is very easy to work with, to bend, drill and saw. I was really surprised how tough the finish it. You can work the pieces as you would silver, stamping and doming etc. without scratching the finish. Obviously some care is needed as you cant polish it out afterwards, but the anodising is surprisingly resilient. I found it particularly nice for piercing, its very easy to cut and gentle on your blades. The 0.7 thickness means that its perfectly strong enough for pendants and jewellery components, yet hardly any weight. So if you are a beginner and perhaps not too familiar with gold and silver yet, then this is a great material to start honing your sawing skills. Surprisingly, it responds very well to Tripoli and you can get a great mirror finish on the edges. But the best thing you can do with this this is to engrave it. Just use any round burr or diamond dust burr and youll be amazed. Super contrast between the finish and the shiny metal underneath. Try it with a disc cutter, for simple customised pendants.You cant solder aluminium, like you can silver or gold, so simple jump rings will get you started. Then perhaps try other cold connections like riveting, threading, or wire wrapping.So a nice, easy material to work with, that will help you produce colourful jewellery with ease.

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