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Thread: Advise for setting stones in earrings (my first attempt)

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    Default Advise for setting stones in earrings (my first attempt)

    Hi, I make 9ct rings as a hobbie but going to have a go at making some earrings for my girlfriend.
    I’ve watched a few vids on YouTube and just need some advise on what size tools I need for setting.

    So they’re 3.8mm diamonds brilliant cut.
    Was looking at setting them in these claw earrings
    Item number: NBJ 846 (on cooksongold)
    Just wondered...
    What size cup burr would I need to take the prongs down for finishing?
    And what would be the best burr/size tool for cutting the seating.

    Many thanks
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    This is not as simple as you might suppose. I dont use ready mades, but I would certainly recommend that you practice with the silver equivalent fist.
    I would also not bother with cup burrs, as all the shaping of the prongs can be done with needle files. Dennis.
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    Practise with a couple of silver ones with cz's first.

    With cup burrs you need a selection so that you can check them on the prongs. Also if you buy twin cut cup burrs, be careful as they get rid of metal really quickly.
    If it is your first time doing claw setting then go for ball burrs as they are easier to use, as with the cup burrs you need a selection as it depends on the size of the girdle of the stone. Ideally you want the ball burr to be just slightly larger than the girdle.


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