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Thread: Casting stones in place Help!

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    does anyone one have any knowledge of casting stones in place? I cast a rough sapphire in place using delft clay and it darkened the stone. is there any way to revive it and does any one have any tips for my next cast to prevent this from happening? any useful hints to be aware of?

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    This is technique taken up by aficionados of metal clays, where the stones can be secured in the clay before firing using clear and coloured man made stones.

    The idea can be applied to a technique where molten metal is poured onto the stones but there is a risk of displacing or engulfing them, and as you discovered, spoiling them with heat. If you partially succeeded then congratulations. Just accept that this is a risky process, and you would be far better off setting the stones after casting .

    No doubt you have already seen this: Dennis.
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