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I do the vast majority of my work by hand (including most drilling), but it might be helpful to add here that I have an SR and a Marathon Micromotor (couldn't afford the Foredom!). I don't think I've touched the SR in the last six months, but use the micromotor many times every day. I think part of it is to do with the sheer 'smallness' of the micromotor, which sits invitingly on my bench and has an incredibly responsive speed control.

It doesn't have the torque of the SR, but I find the need for that so occasional that it makes very little difference. I also find the micromotor much, much easier to handle as the curly cable is less clumsy than the big flexshaft. And it's much, much quieter as well - which is good for people like me that do a lot of work at pretty antisocial hours!
Which model do you have? Is it the N3? Iím interested in the quietness of it as I work in a flat at unsociable hours too.

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