At the end of last year i decided to start reading all the jewellery books i had collected, from beginning to end. Personally i prefer the technique/technical books to the make this bracelet/necklace, etc as i don't have time to make other peoples designs; though maybe I would learn something if i did.
I've just finished reading the workbench guide to jewellery techniques (even the boring bits) which gives you an overview of most ways you can make a piece of jewellery (i now understand, when i look at other peoples work, that it is cast, or chiselled, or molded etc) and i've now bought myself Sustainable Jewellery to read (the enviroment being something all of us should be aware of even if we're only hobbiests. A little bit of effort here and there from everyone adds up). Personally at this moment i want to be dispossing of chemicals responsibly, not buying dodgy gemstones and not wasting my materials. If i can do any more than that it'll be a bonus.

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