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Thread: Problems setting stones

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    Default Problems setting stones

    Hi everyone,
    I am having a bit of trouble, I brought a cast mount from cooksons (the x7 2.5mm stone 9ct white eternity ring mount) When it arrived i had to saw the prongs in half because they came soldered togethe, but im wondering, are they supposed to be soldered together? when i saw them apart they are very thin and they dont seem suitable for setting with or they break despite sawing in a neat straight line.
    im wondering if its the kind of settings that have 2 prongs on the end and the next 2 prongs hold both stones in between them? im very confused by this setting, i presumed they would all be seperate and not soldered together...Thanks

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    I am confused too could you post a picture

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    Yes, they are intended to be left together and applied to adjacent stones. It is so difficult to find suitable stones for ready-made settings and achieve a professional result, that you end up making your own from sheet and wire, or having them cast. Dennis.


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