Hi all,

So I have one of these beauties...RM01 Jentner Gold & Rhodium Plating System.
(Andrew Berry - at the bench - did a great review and video on how to use...)

It cost my husband a pretty penny a few years ago (he bought it me as a gift <3 ).

It is very easy to use and I have rhodium plated a few items with great results.
It was bought with the intention of gold plating whole silver pieces but I found the gold to wear off items quickly. I'd shown an interest in vermeil (thick micron gold plating onto silver) and my husband thought this machine was the same...
It is however fantastic (and great fun!) for gilding smaller details on pieces like earrings etc with the use of masking.

I am considering selling as I mainly work with solid silver and yellow gold as opposed to white so it just won't get enough use.

If you rhodium plate often - this could be very cost effective.

I still have both rhodium and 18ct yellow gold solutions leftover and the rhodium in particular didn't get used used a great deal before I had my toddlers so there may be quite a bit left in it.... You can purchase additional accessories/gold solutions etc as required.

Any interest? Offers?
They are still available at Betts for 965...same kit.

Thanks for looking!


P.s. I am based in Ravenstone, Leicestershire (approx 30mins from Birmingham,Leicester or Nottingham)