Hi everyone!

I'm Vawny, owner of Blonde Wolf Designs... name's all I got right now lol, but working on improving my skill level before I start producing anything I consider good enough to share with the world... except pictures. Happy to share pictures 😋

I have completed a few wax carvings, the latest I'm pretty pleased with (for a carving novice) and am having it cast Friday. Still undecided whether my little dremel will be suitable for finishing the piece correctly or if I should have that done by the casting company... is that cheating? Anyway, I digress lol...

Have had experience in other jobs; factory work, beauty therapy, tattoo shop skivy... even nursing... but my health pretty much interfered with them all. I 've always had a love for shiny and seem to spend too much time looking for items that simply dont exist. So I'm attempting to bring my, slightly odd perhaps, jewellery visions to life.

Find soldering difficult but doable, same with sheet metal work as I have bilateral De Quervains Tenosynovitis and Fibromyalgia among others, but even despite the pain I've loved wax carving most of all.... My dominant hand/ wrist was swollen 2x the size the day following my foray into carving, but just enjoyed it so much I couldn't stop! Something else to work I guess.

Cant think of anything else to say except I look forward to meeting to you all.

Thanks for reading!

-V xx