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Thread: Pmc newbie disaster!

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    Unhappy Pmc newbie disaster!

    Hi everyone

    I am very new to PMC and have made a - possibly unrectifiable - mistake in a PMC class, using pmc flex. I made a ring and forgot to smooth it down before firing. The result is a very uneven surface, with lots of small bobbles. It is also very uneven on the band. Is there any way I can smooth everything down and save the ring? Thanks in advance...unfortunately, this is my first post!

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    Well you do sound a bit lost, Resanta. A half round file (medium cut) and strips of medium and fine abrasive paper would sort it out.
    Your tutor should know what to do? Dennis.

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    If it's really bad, you could make a feature of it. Put the ring on a triblet and texture it even more - lots of choice of hammers, files, stamps or anything else you might like to play with. It might be quite fun in the end.

    You will still need, as Dennis says, a half round file to sort out the inside.

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