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Thread: Help with maintaining oxidisation in recess

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    Hi all
    That's fabulous, thank you. And great idea about using a cocktail stick for the platinol Caroline.

    Hazel - I tried using some stamping ink, as I thought that would permanently stain and that was the one that got washed off.
    I'll use platinol when i get it back to do again.

    Dennis - when you say neutralise with bicarbonate soda, do you mean the brush afterwards? I was worried about using platinol in the recess because i thought it might permanently stain the top if i got any one there, but I guess it can be polished away.

    I went ahead and ordered some liquid from kernowcraft to seal it. But will the platinol, once stained, withstand someone washing their hands? I have another customer who has asked if the black will remain permanent, so not sure if i should seal it somehow.

    Thanks so much for this.

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    Yes however careful and sparing you are, the barely perceptible fumes will stain the surface. Rinsing it well under running water and dipping into warm bicarbonate solution, should stop the reaction.

    Then you can rub off the surplus with something flat that won't get into the recess. In use the colour becomes customised by rubbing etc, so that there will be less solid colour and more of an antiqued appearance.

    If you want a more permanent result you must send it to a plater who can use black titanium. Dennis.

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