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    Hi All,
    I've got a Rotabarrel tumbler, the small "desktop" version which fits 2 of the slim barrels.
    I've had this machine for a number of years, and over time it's gotten more noisy...
    I was wondering if anyone can recommend a workshop, or an individual who does maintenance of these machines?
    I would assume that it generally probably just needs a good bit of oil, but since i wouldn't like to damage it, i think it would be best done by a professional.
    It's a relatively maneuverable machine, and i can bring it into central London if need be (i live out towards Kingston).
    Recommendations would be very much appreciated.

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    The manufacturer, or the company you bought it from might recommend someone to service it Olga, but normally this is done by the owner. Walsh sell them.
    The first thing to do is to use a saw blade, a feather, or an oiling pen, to apply small amounts of light lubricant to all moving parts, but not the electric motor. You might have to take off a cover to do this.
    If you use silicone lubricant it will not affect any rubber parts.
    If the noise persists, you will have to buy new rods and bearings, usually sold as a set. It's not high technology and a friend with practical abilities could help you out. Dennis.

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    Thanks Dennis,
    I've given it a bit of a go with the old WD40 before, and a silicone based spray also, but it's just not quite working... it may be that it's time to get new ball-bearings.
    I will give Walsh a call tomorrow and hopefully they can help out.
    Would be a shame if it were to give up the ghost, since i can't seem to find this mini machine online for replacement

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    Have a look here
    99% of tumblers use nylon or bronze bushes not ball or roller bearings WD40 in my opinion is not a good choice for lubrication although it will wash out any gunk then apply a light machine oil

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