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    I'm putting together the Events pages for the next issue of Making Jewellery magazine. If you have an event or course running between the 20th December and 31 January that is suitable for more advanced jewellery makers (sorry, no beginners courses for this issue, please) that you would like listed, feel free to PM me here.

    Cut off date to get into this issue is Wednesday 14 Nov, so don't delay.



    P.S. Accompanying photos are welcome, but please don't add text to them (they will be captioned and credited to you on the page). Images must be your own copyright - both as the creator of the work and the photographer. No photos of other people please (we don't have the right to publish their image). Finally, images need to at least 1200 pixels in width and saved as jpg or png.

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    Oops - my bad: we're looking for courses and events being run between January and March.


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