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Thread: reticulation

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    Thats not a bad name for it Dennis, I'm going to use that!

    Thanks for the compliments, the squirrel is one of my favourite things i've made so far. Its cut by hand from copper sheet, though the template shape was adapted from a stock image I found on the internet. I started out with the squirrel design mostly for myself (squirrel is an old nickname), but its turning out to be quite a popular character and I've sold a couple of pendants featuring the design now.
    Silver Squirrel Jewellery is also the trading name I used at the christmas market where I had a stall this year.
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    I'm a big fan of reticulation too and made a men's band last week with a piece I'd reticulated beforehand. When it came to soldering though, I had a clean line where I finished the join and couldn't re-reticulate (a new word!) because the solder would melt first. Ended up texturing the clean line with a file, but not happy with results. Any better ideas?

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    Yes, it's part of the learning curve. Make sure that the area surrounding the join is well matched before soldering. Add just enough solder (in pallions not paste) on the inside, where it mostly remains out of sight.

    Any excess solder where it shows should be limited to a small narrow ridge. This can be gently reduced with tiny round burrs on your motor. Same goes for other textures.
    Welcome to the forum, Dennis.


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