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Thread: Bezel Setting a stone onto a Disc Pendant

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    Hi there

    I've been making jewellery for a couple of years now (just basic stuff - stacking rings, bezel setting etc) and wondering if someone out there can help me with my current project.
    I am trying to make a very simple disc pendant with small stone bezel set in the centre (discs tend to be between 10-13mm set with 2-4mm stones).
    It's all fine and very straight forward until I get to the polishing bit... To remove the fire scale and scratches from setting the stone from the flat disc I find I have to go in with a reasonable abrasive (currently using Micromesh Flexfiles) then going through the grades to get it as shiny as possible. Problem is because I have to go in all different directions to get around the setting in the centre I'm invariably left with scratches that haven't come out, and I also can't get right in close to the bezel or fit the Flexfile in between the bezel and the bail etc.
    I hope this isn't sounding too daft! But is there an easier solution? Perhaps something to go on the flex shaft? I do use the Flex shaft for polishing other items I make using different grades of silicon heads, but I find that these can sometimes produce an uneven surface when using on bigger areas that are flat.
    It's quite fiddly and takes so much work for a not-so-great finish.
    Hope someone can help!



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    Hi Chelsey and welcome to the forum.

    The answer is that starting with a highly shined disk, you must do your best not to introduce any blemishes.

    1. Solder-on the bezel by putting the solder on the inside and having a tiny, tiny bevel on the bottom outside to discourage the solder from flowing out.
    2. Surround the bezel with two layers of masking tape to protect the disk from scratches when setting. If the disk rests on a small piece of wood or perspex, the masking tape can also be extended to anchor the disk firmly to a larger base.
    When finished, blue and green radial disks can be used to revive the shine, as can small soft mops with Silvo, or Manzerna polishing compounds.

    If you don't have a motor, You can also do your finishing with a soft toothbrush and cloths.

    You can also guard against slipping and scratching by
    1. Using softer bezel material, for instance 0.40mm fine silver strip cut from sheet.
    2. Using a softer pusher hammered and shaped from 4.0mm brass wire set into a handle
    3. Using a finger of the other hand to steady the pusher and prevent slipping. Dennis.
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    Thank you Dennis - very much appreciated! I will try and find those on the Cooksons site.
    I will let you know how I get on!

    Thanks again!

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