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Thread: White gold soldering????!!!

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    Default White gold soldering????!!!

    Iím making a ring from 18 kt white gold bending it around a mandril and TRYING to solder (first time working with white gold) now to get the ends to join up close enough I need to bend the ring, after soldering (which seemed to be almost melting the ring) I try to reform the ring and the solder breaks every time. Is this just like a not gonna happen type of thing as itís white gold and wrong technique completely or am I just doing something wrong? And solder is clean,ends are clean. Solder might be a little too hard but still the problem is it not holding afterwards. Ring is 2mm x 8mm size 13.

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    You don't mention flux - although if you're having trouble getting the joint to heat it may be used up before hitting the melting point. Not knowing anything about the solder (or what experience you have soldering) you're using makes it difficult to make any useful observations on it. Are the ends as close as possible (no light visible through the joint)?. Suffice to say I'd not expect to have issues tapping up an 18ct ring, even in white gold.

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    If you are using borax and pallions cut from panels or wire solder, preferably on a charcoal block, then it sounds as if you are overheating the solder, before the rest of the ring gets up to soldering temperature.

    Start heating at the furthest part from the joint and gradually approach the solder. If it takes a long time to melt (more than say 50 seconds) then your torch is too small and not hot enough to do this. Dennis.

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