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Thread: Goal setting thread

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    Default Goal setting thread

    Hello all

    A while ago I reached the point where my hobby needed to start generating some return if I wanted to be able to continue it (not least because I have no personal need for any more silver jewellery!). So like many I opened a little Etsy store which has been doing okay and selling a few bits - I am now looking to be a bit more focused. With having a full time job and quite busy with other hobbies it can be difficult to make the time to work on my jewellery projects so this thread is a form of accountability.

    All welcome in this thread if you have goals, targets to hit etc! I'm planning on updating the post or reporting back when complete

    My goals for week of the 13th August

    Creative/design/technique testing project: complete 'Earrings of the week' challenge for instagram which I am hopelessly behind with
    Shop stock/working at getting more efficient: complete 3 x basic seaglass bezel rings

    I am away from Thursday to Sunday so this is probably all I will have time for this week.

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    Back to this thread, current goals for September

    Finish 'Yoga' necklace (my first time making chain actually)
    Finish off all current rings in progress (about 4)
    Design 3 x underwater forest rings and begin to make bezels
    Design 3 x underwater forest necklace and begin to make bezels

    There's a chance I may be doing a craft fair in December so need to start getting my stock levels up. With working full time it can take a while.

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    Ha ha, you are keeping them under wraps for now belette, but without pictures, or a link, it is hard to comment.
    Or is this you?
    That said, our professional members will now be making like mad for the winter season, as that is when most of the year's profits are generated. To see their work you have to find their websites. Dennis.
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