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    Just saying hello.

    I'm a leather-worker (Evancliffe Leathercraft) just branching out into silver clay.

    We recently bought the silver clay starter kit and then a kiln & kiln starter kit.

    My wife Wendy and I made our first silver clay items yesterday. TBH we tried one item before we had the kiln using a blow torch and the results were not good.

    We first saw the silver clay on a crafting program on TV and thought it looked fun. Having tried it we're quite excited about the possibilities but now seem to have more and more questions...

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    Hi Clive! Welcome

    I work a bit in metal clay as well as the more traditional stuff. In my opinion the hardest (and most important) thing with metal clay is getting a nice finish. This means spending a lot of time filing and refining at the dry 'greenware' stage and then working through lots of grades of sandpaper / tripoli / rouge once fired. There's lots of badly finished metal clay work out there (in addition to some stunning works!)

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    Hi Clive, welcome to the forum. I haven't tried metal clay yet but look forward to hearing your posts on the subject.


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