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Thread: A big hello from Mr_Dave (Eager to learn) from Birmingham UK.

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    Default A big hello from Mr_Dave (Eager to learn) from Birmingham UK.

    Don't all hide now Totally new to this and have so many questions

    As you may have guessed, I am Dave from Birmingham.

    Quick background.
    Built myself a gas furnace to melt aluminium a while back and that was great but a bit tedious
    setting it up. I have the materials to build an electric furnace but having health issues its a
    slow process. Bought a cheapy round furnace from Ebay and had a practice with some aluminium.

    I can do a bit of easy CAD work on the computer and have a 3D printer, used this to make small
    pendants and it clicked why not use the 3D printer to make moulds and patterns to make silver
    jewellery. Watched a lot of Youtube video's and wondering where to start.

    The silver clay looks cool, but my arty skills are lacking. No good at freehand stuff. I was good at
    technical drawing at school etc but useless at freehand.

    Where to start?

    If you found your way this far a big thanks

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    Welcome Dave
    It sounds like you could make some really interesting items with the 3D printer.

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    Welcome to the forum Dave


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