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Thread: Stainless or Plated

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    Quote Originally Posted by enigma View Post
    Lol! sounds very typical of France!
    Im not sure, but I think the regulations on where its made are to do with your house insurance and risk of fire/theft.
    Possibly insurance related but it eliminates most small artisans. Notice many English language only websites based in France selling silver now I understand why

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    Portugal is just as problematic if you sell within the country.
    Its the downside of socialism I guess.

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    It rather depends on the price point of your items. Sterling Silver is always seen as quality and most people can wear silver. Silver plate can irritate depending on the quality /thickness of the plating and can wear off quite quickly. Surgical steel are hypoallergenic as is noibium and obviously gold. There will always be someone who is allergic to these though.

    "Hypoallergenic" means "below normal" or "slightly" allergenic. Jewelry that has been classified as hypoallergenic means it contains little to no potentially irritating alloys. Hypoallergenic jewelry is created using components made from metals such as gold, niobium, stainless steel and titanium.

    very cheap thin or poor quality earwires are a waste of time IMHO and you need to be careful ordering randomly from places like China who may say they are sterling silver or more commonly just silver when in fact they are not. I'm not ayig that all imports are like that but better to order from a company recommended by another maker as being legit.

    Niobium wires are found in lots of pretty colours which can be fun.


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