Hi Guys,
Iím new to this and New to firing metal clay! After speaking to Cookson today they said you guys were the best so here goes.

I am trying to torch fire Promethius bronze/ light Bronze metal clay. Iíve have tried everything but to no success. At the most I have ended up with a small slither of bronze but most of the time itís a just crumbly black mess. Iíve been through 200 gs already.
I started with a small torch and then upgraded to something more powerful as I thought the temp was too low. I burn the binders successfully then try and keep it at a cherry red glow. Iíve used different sizes clay but most of the time a rectangle piece about 2 inch 1 inch, which is air dried for over 24 hours.
Iíve tried firing for anything from 5 minutes to 15 minutes, Iím using a firing brick and dropping it straight into water after then attempting to scratch off the black...which always just crumbles.

I understand a kiln is more successful but the instructions and YouTube show itís possible.
Your help would be really appreciated as I really donít want to give up!