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Thread: Thermo-loc or polymorph?

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    Default Thermo-loc or polymorph?

    Hello everyone,

    I’ve recently started setting stones and need some setters pitch ( I tried it out in a class) im trying to buy some online - cooksons doesn’t seem to sell anything, amazon sell something called polymorph, it’s approx 10 with delivery for 500g. Is this the same as thermo-loc? Should I save my pennies for the right stuff - if so does anyone have an idea where to get it? I’ve indulged in a few nice stones so I would like to buy something that is up to the job.
    Many thanks.

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    Hi Scarlet,
    Many of us don't use setters pitch any more, because it is difficult to use and in inexperienced hands, will suddenly give way. It might also need a solvent to get it off your work.

    Thermolock and polymorph are similar and can be softened in hot water. They remove cleanly and last for ever, so after buying my Polymorph, I have read that some members have lately recommended Coolmorph, which softens at only 45C, making it even easier to use.


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    I use Thermolock serves me well, I have not used Polymorph or coolmorph, they seem much less expensive than Thermolock


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