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Thread: Silver PMC clay advice- Fingerprints

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dennis View Post
    in between stages, which gradually degrade the detail.
    This is what I was suspicious of myself. I think what Ill do is take an imprint with something like Femo as insurance, but attempt to make the jewelry with a direct imprint to get as much detail as I can, knowing it will probably not be much.
    Ive ordered fresh clay and upon more research, will be rolling it out twice as thick as I was at 5 cards thick. Thank you all for your support and patience!

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    Will be thinking of you. Hope you are successful.
    Find some really nice hand cream and give her a gentle manicure. It will be very soothing and might plump up her prints if done a few hours before.

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    Hi there

    I'm sorry to hear about your mum

    I work in metal clay so know a bit about this. To be honest I don't think taking prints directly to the clay works that well especially if the print is faint - if it were me I would take the print using black ink, scan it, enhance contrast and size on the computer then make a photopolymer plate (, you can buy the uv light to cure the plates inexpensively on amazon)

    You can then use that with your clay and should get clearer results. You can also make a print of her whole hand if the fingerprint impressions are still faint. Also you can use the photopolymer plates to capture her handwriting and transfer to silver clay, if that appeals to you. Again it's the same process of scanning and enhancing etc.

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    An alternative method not mentioned as far as I could see, is to have the pendant laser engraved from a scan of an ink fingerprint. You could still have a slight dip in the pendant to give the impression of being pressed into clay or it could be done on a flat piece. If you use a company with the right laser engravers, it will cope with a slight curve no problem.

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