Hi Belette,

Thanks again for the info on LJS courses.

I agree that it helps to have some design ideas for the project based courses.

I did do the soldering masterclass and the polishing and finishing class a few months ago but forgot to report back. The soldering masterclass covered making a simple band ring, sweat soldering, making a box and attaching findings such as ear wires. It also touched on chain making. It was a good confidence builder for soldering. Please excuse the messy samples!

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The polishing and finishing class started with a bit of piercing, then learning how to get a high shine finish on a flat object. The afternoon was spent experimenting with different texturing methods, patination, oxidation and reticulation. They gave you little books to put samples of the different textures in.

Since then I have also done the Beginner's Enamelling and the Chain Making classes. The enamelling class was a great introduction as, despite reading Linda Darty's book, I was a bit nervous about trying it at home. The only thing that was a bit disappointing about the class is there was no explanation or demonstration of torch enamelling, only kiln enamelling. Regardless, I feel I could take on torch enamelling at home one day...

The chain making class was fun and learnt a few new techniques but most of that could have been got from a book. Was nice meeting other novice jewellers nonetheless.

That's all my courses for now. I am following the Stephen Goldsmith on Facebook and Twitter as recommended by Pearlescence. He does have some courses coming up at Goldsmith's soon but sadly I can't get out of work those days
Hopefully will be able to go next year.