hi, I've been sandcasting gold rings for a while but thought I'd try making some bangles then maybe have a go at making a curb chain.
I've recently picked up a new rolling mill and Researched the hell out of which way to go about making 9ct yellow gold wire.
The problem I'm getting is the gold starts to get small cracks after rolling for a while (whilst annealing in between). And I can even snap the gold like a matchstick.
I've seen so many different ways online of the full process. Which is the best way? Or where am I going wrong?
I'll list equipment I'm using then process...
Small kiln with 4oz graphite crusible
Wire reversable ingot
Basic rolling mill (unknown make/cost 180)
9ct scrap yellow gold. (Already melted down 2 times)

Melt in crusible adding a small amount of borax toward the end
Heat ingot slightly
Run through the mill as I've read everyone does, closing down slightly each time
After around anneal until red, leave till red goes away then quench
Then mill again.

I have read that hammering down after pour can help but I haven't tried this yet.
Will try this today.