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Thread: Hello and "HELP!" from the Peak District!

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    Unhappy Hello and "HELP!" from the Peak District!


    I'm very new to all this.
    It all started when I got the mad idea to sand cast my own wedding rings in 10ct gold. (we're getting married next week)
    One has turned out brilliantly, the other...

    I'm looking for help.

    I have 10g of 10ct yellow gold that has somehow fused with something in the furnace, and now all I have is a crucible full of a ridiculously hard, black glassy substance.

    I have spent an hour this evening heating it with a blowtorch, and I can see the gold melt and glimmer, but it just won't pour and can't seem to escape this resin-like stuff.

    Since doing that, it has now turned a deep reddish rosarita.

    I am both baffled and desperate for help, as this Friday is my last opportunity to use the furnace.

    I heated the gold grain with a sprinkle of borax powder in a lab furnace at around 1100C for around 10-15 minutes.
    The first time it poured, but the casting failed, so we re-melted it, and all hell broke loose.
    Now, I cannot get it out of the crucible.

    If anyone can advise on what has happened and how to fix it, I would be eternally grateful.
    Many thanks

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    Hi,sounds as if the flux [borax] has solidified around the gold.Hear until the flux is melting and dig the gold lump out with pliers.Quench the gold to shatter the fux,pickle it if possible.Remove as much molten flux from the crucibleas possible and then start again with clean flux.
    I wouldn`t want to melt and cast the gold more than 3 times without adding fresh metal as it will build up oxide and become more likely to crack.

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