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Thread: Pendant motor or micro motor?

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    Quote Originally Posted by josef1 View Post
    I have a NSK micromotor and I love it but..... I would buy a Foredom or equivalent pendant motor again before another micromotor they are more useful the micromotor is awesome for stone setting and small polishing jobs but when you need to cut off sprues or move or polish lots of metal its not the right tool for the job in my opinion, it lacks the torque of the pendant motor . So in conclusion, I would go with the pendant motor before a micromotor if you don't already own a pendant motor
    I think the person who reopened this old post had a specific questionFor Sarah about a pendant motor.
    I would agree.I love my micromotor but I donít have a hammer action hand piece so it would probably be cheaper to buy a pendant because the attachments are cheaper but I wonít because I canít justify the cost

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    Quote Originally Posted by CJ57 View Post
    We havenít heard from Sarah for many months since the pandemic shut us down and she lives In Portugal I think.
    It would be worth trying a search on here as there have been many many postS on the subject which will probably answer your question
    Thank you Caroline

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