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Thread: Is it possible/easy to remove gems in a pave setting?

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    I agree with Josef, I think it would take a while and you may well need to solder in some new settings too as its likely that some will get damaged in the process of removing the stones.

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    Ah, ofcourse, thank you.
    I had a feeling it wouldn't be so straightforward. Nothing ever is it seems. This is a personal piece so I'm not to worried about the perfectness of it. I have a bit of a gameplan but it seems too straightforward in my head.. I know it's going to be more difficult than I imagine but anyways here's what I've got so far.

    1. Prepare stones of the same size as the smashed out CZ

    2. Get a set of burrs the same size as stones/Cz

    3. Start gently to firmly try to insert stones, if excess force is required then stop and try to manipulate the metal with various tools

    4. Try again to insert stones, if excess force is again required stop

    5. Carefully Dremel Small bits of metal as needed

    6. Attempt to insert stones

    7. If excess force is required GO FOR IT

    8. Prepare soldering torch, flux and gold solder

    9. Learn to solder gold

    10. Repeat step 9 until comfortable

    11. Repair any damaged metal from forcing

    12. If failure, quote repairs from a trained professional

    13. If over budget, (which likely will be since recasting the piece and having the gems inserted for me was waay over budget) then just aldrite the darn things in there - I really don't want to do this, but would actually prefer that over having CZs in there for some reason

    Does this seem like a viable game plan or should I go back to the drawing board on this one?


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