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Thread: Starter pendant motor accessories for sanding and polishing

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    Default Starter pendant motor accessories for sanding and polishing


    I've recently bought a Dremel with flexshaft to help me with sanding and polishing. I've been watching online videos and browse through Cookson's site but I don't understand which tool is worth buying for sanding and polishing. I hope you have give me some advice.

    Here is the information I collected so far from different sources. Do I need them all? Which brands are good?
    - Sanding discs of different grit - but which brand?
    - Silicone abrasive wheels
    - Silicone abrasive buds
    - Polishing felt buffs

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    Different people prefer different things but I like the Everflex range which you work through blue, grey, brown and finish on green.
    After that you can polish with a finishing mop.

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    Yes, you will get totally different answers from different members.;

    I am averse to compounds, because they flick around the room and cause a mess. So my essentials are:

    First, a jewellers wet and soapy brass brush. This splashes, but for many items, especially with textures, is my final finish.
    Next a 22mm rubber wheel, medium to coarse, to finish edges and round up corners.
    Then a set of four radial disks, with screw mandrels, which will polish almost anything with an irregular shape, yellow, red, blue, light green.
    A set of MicroMesh sheets, about four grades 2400, 3600, 6000, 8000. Flat on the bench and a flat piece rubbed on them, will bring you a mirror finish.

    You will also need a few mounted drills, a few ball shaped burrs, and a set of cheap diamond points in a box, because diamonds are much safer on fingers if they slip. Note that standard jewellers shanks are 2.23mm, And it helps to stick to those.

    Everything else only buy if you definitely need it. Dennis.

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    Thank you Enigma and Dennis. Your advice is really helpful.


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