Hi everyone,
Just posted on the wanted section so thought I better post on here and say hello. My name is Matthew and I am making me and my fiancées wedding bands. We are getting married in June this year. I have found it frustrating yet enjoyable and so far it has gone well. Started practicing with casting an aluminium ring out of coke cans, then used that as a pattern to cast with argentium silver. Next step is the gold I am having white gold and she is having rose gold. After that we want a band of the opposite gold inserted in them yet I fear this may be beyond my skills.

I am sure this is a very unprofessional way of doing it but buying all the rolling mill ect just seemed a big expense for just two rings and I feel it adds a personal touch which ever way I do it.

Anyway it would be nice to say hello to some of you and any tips are greatly appreciated.

Many thanks