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Thread: Silver Hallmarking Laws/Rules in France?

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    Quote Originally Posted by CJ57 View Post
    These are the scales I've been using for years and they haven't let me down
    The resolution on those scales is 0.1g so I am wondering how it handles rounding. Does it round up or down? The threshold for hallmarking gold is 1.0g. If an item weighs for example 0.95g, would those scales read 1.0g or 0.9g? If it rounds up, then it would mean you are sending and paying for items to be hallmarked when they don't require it. In the long run it ends up being false economy. This is the way I rationalise my purchase.

    I suppose this is just another Dremel Vs Foredom kind of debate...

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    I send everything for assay if I have a large batch so I weigh only for my interest as I'm not required to weigh every item for the assay office. I'm not sure Cookson would sell them if they weren't good enough for the job but I feel no need to rationalise my purchase when they meet my requirements. I used to take my pieces to the chemist in the village when I was more uptight about it.

    Couldn't take part in the dremel/foredom debate I've never had a dremel. I always buy the best I can afford or can justify the cost
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    Quote Originally Posted by enigma View Post
    I sent my items to the Birmingham assay office for marking, I still do as Im in Portugal now where the bureaucracy is even worse but the sun shines more lol.
    You have to contact them and have your own mark set up but they are extremely helpful and can explain everything if you give them a call.
    However Im not sure what will happen when Brexit goes through with regard to potentially being charged customs fees on items coming back into France from the UK.
    Realistically you may be better getting it done in France but I didn't get far enough through the red tape to know how thats all done Im afraid.
    Hi Sarah, I have just a quick question regarding your UK Portugal is a signatory of the International Convention, do you also have to have the Convention Mark on your pieces?

    I am considering changing and wondered about cross border hallmarks and sales.

    Thanks Les
    Poor old Les

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    Hi Les

    I just have the standard UK hallmark as this is acceptable in most countries to my knowledge.
    TBH I only sell online and so far not in Portugal anyway so I haven't really worried about it ( 99.9% of my sales are UK and USA).

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