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Thread: Propane Regulator for Smiths Little Torch

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    Default Propane Regulator for Smiths Little Torch

    Hi all - firstly I am very sorry for asking what I suspect is a well worn question but I just simply cannot find a definitive answer on forums or elsewhere on the interweb despite weeks of looking.

    So I am just switching to a Smiths Little Torch on a Oxy Con and Propane cylinder system. I got the Oxy Con from Tuffnell's with the Smiths connector on it so that is all good. For the propane cylinder, originally I thought I needed a low pressure regulator so got the Silverline one in picture 4 but the connection (the little one) looked wrong as I had a screw connector from my arrestor. So I bought a high pressure 0.5 - 4 bar one but today when looking into what pressure I should set it on I started to panic and think that I'd got the wrong one as the Smiths little torch needs a low pressure regulator. So I'm thoroughly confused and won't proceed until I'm confident I have the correct set up.

    So can anyone tell me which regulator I need for the Smiths Lt Torch. If it's the low pressure how can I fit the flashback arrestor on it (as per the picture) and if the high one which setting should the regulator be set on!!

    Thanks so much in advance.
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    Since you asked I've been doing a little research because I might one day buy a Smiths Little Torch.

    I downloaded the SLT manual and it provides the pressures required for the tips you use but unfortunately all the pressures are given in kPa (Kilopascals)!

    I then searched Youtube and the most helpful video was from an American and he was using PSI, he says 5 PSI is all you need and that translates to 0.35 BAR, there are online conversion calculators for PSI to BAR and kPa to BAR.

    The impression I get is that it requires very little pressure to run the SLT. If it were me, I'd use the adjustable regulator with the flashback arrestor and start by setting it at 0.5 Bar. Apparently (from the second video) there is an enclosed sheet that lists the pressures for each tip. I'd use that as a guide and convert those figures to BAR using an online calculator. Once again, I think you ought to start low, see how the torch performs, then move up by one increment if it seems under powered.

    Lot's of people use the SLT, I'm surprised you haven't found an answer.

    This video is from a UK jeweller:
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