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Hi Snorkmaiden, thanks for your interest!

I was reluctant to update this thread because I felt it would be a disappointment after getting such helpful input.

I was still umming and ahing about doing a Craft Fair when not long after starting this thread I finally made a sale on eBay (YAY!) and got positive feedback (YAY!). I have since sold a total of 5 items on eBay (YAY!) which is almost everything I had listed, and got another two positive feedback’s (YAY!)

So I am now focussing on selling on eBay and have put Craft Fairs on the back-burner for now, although I would still like to try a Craft Fair one day.

Much less stressful if you can sell on Ebay. I have a tiny Etsy shop but can't keep up with the photos.