Hi everyone, I'm busy working on a new batch of wax pieces to be cast. I just had a question, I've read some info online that using a wax solvent can help smooth the wax prior to casting. I've been searching the Internet trying to find a wax solvent but don't find any at any of the usual wax suppliers (including Cookson.)
It seems no matter how often I take a brush to my wax somehow those little flakes and specks of excess wax appear from nowhere.
Is there anything that could work that I might already have around the house? I have tried holding the piece above a flame to melt the tiny bits, and it does work but it makes me a little nervous! My fringe got a little too close to the flame today and needless to say I'm not real keen on pressing my luck with the fire......

Also while I'm on the subject, I'm looking for a place in the UK that has a larger selection of wax to purchase, specifically I'm looking for sticky wax, perfect purple and water soluble wax.

Thanks in advance for any advice