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Thread: Square Shank + Knuckle Duster

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    Question Square Shank + Knuckle Duster

    Hello fellow jewellers,

    I am curious if anyone has made a square shank, with soft corners. Have you found it more uncomfortable/ impractical? ( imagine silver square sheet, with a hole cut out from the centre)

    Also...I'm making a double finger ring. Has anyone got advice of this? I could either make two shanks soldered together or one large/longer shank from wire.

    See attached photos of double ring shank or long wire. photos and designs are NOT MINE

    Thank you in advance

    : )
    Click image for larger version. 

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    I'd def. use the double shank design for comfort. I guess the square thing depends on how deep they will be - the thicker they are the more aware you'll be of wearing it

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    Quote Originally Posted by JewellerMillie View Post
    Also...I'm making a double finger ring. Has anyone got advice of this?
    Hi Millie, I routinely pass square wire through a round draw plate, whatever I am making. Saves a whole lot of filing later, but be aware that it also seems to make it look a bit thinner, although it isn't.

    As for how to construct the double ring, I think that's a design preference. The only advice I can offer is not to board an aeroplane wearing that one with eye brows. Dennis.

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    As said above, I don't know about the UK, although Australia it would be extremely unwise to refer to it as a knuckle duster, also you would not want to try and enter a nightclub or many other venues while wearing one

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