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Thread: Simple heart pendant

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    Quote Originally Posted by handmadeblanks View Post
    15 minutes?? No offence, but you must be doing something wrong, or, you aren't using the right size burner on your Sievert.

    I use a 2" scorifier like this one:
    With this Sievert burner:

    I have made successful ingots with up to 20g of sterling silver and it has never taken more than 5 minutes for it to be swirling around like quicksilver and ready to pour. I have also made a number of delft clay casts with around 15g of silver and again, I never have gone beyond 5 minutes before it's ready to pour.

    A good rule of thumb is to use the larger burner which is rated at around 240g/h to melt around 1oz of silver.

    If you do it right, i.e. Have the right torch burner at the correct distance, the silver will be molten within about 90 sec and ready to pour between 3-5 minutes.
    Well perhaps it wasn't 15 minutes but it seemed a long time.... Next time I will time it and see!

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    Quote Originally Posted by theresa View Post
    Well perhaps it wasn't 15 minutes but it seemed a long time.... Next time I will time it and see!
    I find it helpful using a timer whenever I am melting silver because it helps me know I am doing things right. I watched quite few youtube clips of experts melting silver in order to get a rough idea of the time it takes to get to various states.

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    That's beautiful x

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    Absolutely beautiful, both pendant and box , what a lovely gift .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nick martin View Post
    Hi all,

    Here's a collage of pics showing a recent simple heart pendant I made recently.

    The customer sent me 8 silver 'love tokens' to melt down into the pendant.

    Basically in the 17th century a love token was a silver sixpence of William III. A romantically inclined fella bent one edge and handed it to his potential sweetheart. If she accepted his advances then she bent the other side, so the coin ended up with an S shaped profile.

    So.. 8 separate love stories from the 1600's repurposed into a nice anniversary gift for his wife who was pleased as punch. Anyway here's the pics.

    The box itself was also handmade out of mahogany that I had lying about.



    This is gorgeous Nick!

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